Personal Trainers Share Tips to Keep Your Body Hydrated

First thing your fitness coach will learn during his fitness training course is that if you want to get the maximum out of your workout schedule, you must keep dehydration at bay. Maintaining a proper hydration level is a real challenge though, especially when you are going through high intensity training. This is because the amount of sweat that you lose during workouts will vary from day to day.

There are several factors that affect the level of your sweating like your heat tolerance, weather conditions on that particular day, exercise intensity, equipments being used and the type of clothes you are wearing this subject is well covered at Europe Personal Trainer Inc.

Importance of Proper Hydration during Workouts

While exercising, dehydration can affect your performance in several ways. It slows down muscle repair and recovery. Sodium lost through sweat can disturb the electrolytic balance of your body if not replenished continuously.

Dehydration also results in a drop in blood volume thereby putting unnecessary pressure on your heart muscles. Decrease in blood volume can also lead to heat stroke, heat exhaustion, muscle cramps, fatigue and dizziness. This is something you want to avoid, especially when it can seriously derail your training schedule.

Common Causes of Dehydration

Knowing the most common causes of dehydration during workouts can help you to tackle the situation better. You risk being dehydrated if your fluid intake is inadequate i.e. you drink water only when you feel thirsty and not at appropriate intervals. You can also lose excessive body fluid if you are training in unusually hot and dry condition and sweating excessively.

How to Stay Optimally Hydrated

Ideally, you should follow a three-fold strategy to keep your body properly hydrated while working out with your personal trainer who did his course with Visit their Facebook page to check out some of the awesome work they’re doing!

Before Commencing your Workout

Adequate fluid quantity will vary from person to person but generally you should drink about 350ml of fluid before starting your exercise with a qualified personal trainer. Compare your current weight with your regular weight. If your present weight is lower than what you general weigh, dehydration may have occurred.

Checking the colour of your urine will also indicate if your body needs fluids. If your urine colour is dark yellow (like the colour of apple juice), your body needs fluids. If the urine is the colour of lemonade, then your hydration level is normal.

However, do keep in mind that some B vitamins darken the colour of urine while being flushed out from your body. If your urine is colourless, it indicates over-hydration and the necessity to reduce fluid intake.

During your Workout

It is vitally important to intake fluids at regular intervals of about fifteen minutes to keep your body hydrated during exercise. If sweating is minimal or normal, drink about 400ml of fluid. You will of course need more fluid if you sweat excessively or if the weather is particular trying.

Always check your body weight to understand the amount of fluid you require. If you notice a loss of more than two percent of body weight while working out, you will need more fluid intake. If there is no decrease in body weight, you can either continue with the present amount of fluid intake or reduce it.

After your Workout

In case there is no significant drop in body weight post your personal trainers session, you may not require immediate rehydration. If you do need immediate rehydration, drink about 570 – 685ml of fluids for every kilogram of body weight decrease.

Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Put Emphasis on the Area that you want to Target
Talk to personal trainers about specific workouts that put more stress on those areas from where you want to lose fat. For example, if you want to tuck in your abdomen or tone those sagging muscles in your arms, you must try out narrow-grip pushups, dips, kickbacks, squats, and lunges. Such exercises specifically encourage the burning of fat from your problem areas thereby endowing you with a well-toned shapely appearance.

You can read more about these specific exercises performed at Dangerously Fit here:

Save Time and Achieve Quick Measurable Results
It is so difficult to lose weight from your entire body. You need months of hard training, dedication, and tremendous self-restraint before you see the results. But in many cases; like an impending wedding or event or a vacation by the beach; you don’t really have that much of time.

You just want to tuck in particular areas and get a shapely body so that you can enjoy yourself without inhibitions. The prime benefit of targeting specific areas of your body in order to lose weight is, of course, the time saved.

Dan Clay, a Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer in Sydney says:

“Working with the Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Challenge is the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to burn fat. The individual coaching and online training you’ll get with Dan clay increases the awareness of your body.

The cutting edge in-depth knowledge you’ll gain will last far beyond your fitness training sessions.”

Improve your Appearance
The other benefit is, of course, dramatic improvement in your appearance. It is extremely difficult to remove recalcitrant fat from your problem areas. With spot reduction, you can reap the benefits of an improved appearance which will act as a motivating factor and push you towards regular exercise with Eastern Suburbs personal fitness trainers. Once you see the benefits of reducing fat and managing your weight on specific areas, you will go all out to try and do the same for your entire body.

Instilling a Love for Fitness in Your Children with a Coogee Personal Trainer

In the earlier day, when X-box and television shows were not so popular, children enjoyed playing outdoors in the parks and got their daily dose of exercise. However, with the advancement in technology, children prefer sitting at home and spending time in front of the television or computer. As a result of which they are not doing enough exercises but gaining unnecessary weight at early stages of their youth.

The good thing about children is that they are always open to learning new things or are at least give a shot to something new. So, it is the right time to initiate them into a fitness regime. Since children are resilient, they will not be bogged down by rigorous exercises. In fact, they will look at it as a challenge.

So, if you want to instil a love for fitness in your children, then you have to lead by example. If you want your child to go swimming, then swim along with him or her in the pool. If they go to Coogee boot camp, then go along with them to encourage them.Following a few things you can do to ensure that your children fall in love with being fit.


The best time to teach cycling is early morning when the roads are clear and there is no traffic. Take your children out and teach them cycling slowly. Once they get a hang of it, then they will start whizzing past you. Try to engage them into a healthy sibling competition. Cycling increases your child’s stamina and improves their calf muscles. Every week increase the distance by a mile and see the difference in your child’s health.


If you know how to swim, you can become your children’s Coogee personal trainer Right from the breathing exercises, to the hand followed by the leg movements – you can monitor them all and teach them how to swim. Swimming is an overall exercise. It enhances agility in the body, and also brings flexibility in the muscles. What’s even more fun is that you can have them play water volleyball. This way, they would learn both – a new sport and become fitter.

Morning walks

Morning walks are a great way to bond with your children. Of course, in the first week, making them get up and taking them for a walk would be an ordeal. However, slowly, walking would become a part of their routine. Walking in Coogee helps strengthen leg muscles. It also improves breathing and builds stamina. Every week, increase the walking distance by a kilometre, so that your children are able to adjust to the extended distance.

You can also alternate between walks and runs. Start with taking them for a run around the park. Once they begin enjoying the adrenaline of running, you can increase the distance. Running burns your extra calories instantly. It also strengthens your bones and increases your cardiovascular fitness.

How to Choose a Good Boot Camp Class?

Boot camps have been a rage since the time they were here for several reasons. People flock to these outdoor exercise camps as they just love the natural ambience and the intense workouts offered. Not surprisingly, you will see most boot camps crammed with fitness enthusiasts huffing and puffing their way to fitness. But do all that numbers mean it’s the right boot camp for you?

Just because a boot camp is full every session doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right one for you. Plan a little ahead to search out the boot camp that suits you best before signing on. Join an outdoor fitness boot camp that takes good care of it’s members.

Check for Location and Amenities

Boot camps can really turn you into an outdoor fitness enthusiast if you continue with your sessions. And to do that you need to join a boot camp that’s conveniently located and has all the facilities such as restrooms and adequate parking space. Also the location should be safe and not too far away from your home.

Choose boot camp training workouts that are held nearby, offers basic facilities of parking space and washrooms and has all the necessary permits and licenses.

Speak to Actual References

Don’t go by the number of references posted on the website of a boot camp. Many people fall for this only to find that the reality is way different from what’s promised.

The best way to judge the standard at a boot camp is to speak to some of the present participants and past members personally. Talk to as many people as possible to get a neutral view. Often a great boot camp may not be right for you after all for several reasons. Find out everything that is offered in the sessions to know exactly what to expect, call Gold Coast Boot Camp before you enrol.

Check for Client-Coach Ratio

Boot camps that are jammed with participants may not be a good place after all. It becomes difficult for the instructor to pay attention to each individual with so many people around. Just like a regular class should have a healthy student-teacher ratio, similarly a good boot camp too should follow a standard client-coach ratio. This ensures each and every participant gets the attention she deserves in order to complete each session safely.

A really good boot camp should have six to eight participants under one instructor. Avoid joining larger groups as it can become chaotic and confusing if your instructor has to handle so many clients all alone.

Check Client Profile

Another crucial point to check is the present client profile. There are many boot camps that offer sessions exclusively for a particular client profile. Some are for women only; some take in couples; some cater to the geriatric population; others focus on people affected by injuries or still others may be for adolescents.

You would not want to join a camp where you stick out like a sore thumb. Your fellow group members should have similar goals and views and be supportive of each other. Common values and issues go a long way in creating a bond which makes each boot camp session so enriching and enjoyable.

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