Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Put Emphasis on the Area that you want to Target
Talk to personal trainers about specific workouts that put more stress on those areas from where you want to lose fat. For example, if you want to tuck in your abdomen or tone those sagging muscles in your arms, you must try out narrow-grip pushups, dips, kickbacks, squats, and lunges. Such exercises specifically encourage the burning of fat from your problem areas thereby endowing you with a well-toned shapely appearance.

You can read more about these specific exercises performed at Dangerously Fit here: http://www.6weekbody.com.au/

Save Time and Achieve Quick Measurable Results
It is so difficult to lose weight from your entire body. You need months of hard training, dedication, and tremendous self-restraint before you see the results. But in many cases; like an impending wedding or event or a vacation by the beach; you don’t really have that much of time.

You just want to tuck in particular areas and get a shapely body so that you can enjoy yourself without inhibitions. The prime benefit of targeting specific areas of your body in order to lose weight is, of course, the time saved.

Dan Clay, a Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer in Sydney says:

“Working with the Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Challenge is the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to burn fat. The individual coaching and online training you’ll get with Dan clay increases the awareness of your body.

The cutting edge in-depth knowledge you’ll gain will last far beyond your fitness training sessions.”

Improve your Appearance
The other benefit is, of course, dramatic improvement in your appearance. It is extremely difficult to remove recalcitrant fat from your problem areas. With spot reduction, you can reap the benefits of an improved appearance which will act as a motivating factor and push you towards regular exercise with Eastern Suburbs personal fitness trainers. Once you see the benefits of reducing fat and managing your weight on specific areas, you will go all out to try and do the same for your entire body.

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