How to Choose a Good Boot Camp Class?

Boot camps have been a rage since the time they were here for several reasons. People flock to these outdoor exercise camps as they just love the natural ambience and the intense workouts offered. Not surprisingly, you will see most boot camps crammed with fitness enthusiasts huffing and puffing their way to fitness. But do all that numbers mean it’s the right boot camp for you?

Just because a boot camp is full every session doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right one for you. Plan a little ahead to search out the boot camp that suits you best before signing on. Join an outdoor fitness boot camp that takes good care of it’s members.

Check for Location and Amenities

Boot camps can really turn you into an outdoor fitness enthusiast if you continue with your sessions. And to do that you need to join a boot camp that’s conveniently located and has all the facilities such as restrooms and adequate parking space. Also the location should be safe and not too far away from your home.

Choose boot camp training workouts that are held nearby, offers basic facilities of parking space and washrooms and has all the necessary permits and licenses.

Speak to Actual References

Don’t go by the number of references posted on the website of a boot camp. Many people fall for this only to find that the reality is way different from what’s promised.

The best way to judge the standard at a boot camp is to speak to some of the present participants and past members personally. Talk to as many people as possible to get a neutral view. Often a great boot camp may not be right for you after all for several reasons. Find out everything that is offered in the sessions to know exactly what to expect, call Gold Coast Boot Camp before you enrol.

Check for Client-Coach Ratio

Boot camps that are jammed with participants may not be a good place after all. It becomes difficult for the instructor to pay attention to each individual with so many people around. Just like a regular class should have a healthy student-teacher ratio, similarly a good boot camp too should follow a standard client-coach ratio. This ensures each and every participant gets the attention she deserves in order to complete each session safely.

A really good boot camp should have six to eight participants under one instructor. Avoid joining larger groups as it can become chaotic and confusing if your instructor has to handle so many clients all alone.

Check Client Profile

Another crucial point to check is the present client profile. There are many boot camps that offer sessions exclusively for a particular client profile. Some are for women only; some take in couples; some cater to the geriatric population; others focus on people affected by injuries or still others may be for adolescents.

You would not want to join a camp where you stick out like a sore thumb. Your fellow group members should have similar goals and views and be supportive of each other. Common values and issues go a long way in creating a bond which makes each boot camp session so enriching and enjoyable.

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